Virtual Office Solutions

The virtual office can mean many things to different businesses. As the digital world evolves along with technology, we are now able to expand our business to multiple locations without the high cost of establishing a leased location. We can avail ourselves of videoconferencing where we can hold conferences face to face anywhere in the world, secure a business address to receive our mail at a prestigious physical location and have it forwarded to our main location, and secure a high-tech office and conference rooms to meet clients on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis all at a per diem rate. No overhead! Just a flat rate when the need arises.

The virtual office allows you the freedom of doing business wherever and whenever with the convenience of all the technology at your fingertips. You have the flexibility of being at the heart of emerging markets. The virtual office can be a great tool for startups, small businesses, and home offices. You can impress your clients with beautifully appointed conference rooms, conveniently located with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Step into the future and reap the rewards of expanding your business and impressing your clients with virtual office solutions.

Virtual Business Mailing

Martin Deposition Services can provide a virtual mailing address for you to receive your mail and establish a presence in a thriving business location. We will receive your mail and forward it to you either daily, weekly or whatever time interval suits you. Upon request, we will notify you when mail is received.

Your address will be:

  • Malta Commons Business Park
  • 100 Saratoga Village Boulevard
  • Building 37, Suite 37C
  • Malta, NY 12020

We can also provide services for the creation of a website, business cards, and stationery with our design partner.