Tape Transcriptions

We provide standard delivery of transcripts within ten business days. Expedited, e-mail delivery, ASCII disks are provided upon request and billed accordingly. A Keyword Index or Concordance is supplied with each transcript.

Certified Tape Transcription Services

Martin Deposition Services, Inc. provides transcription service for court transcripts, depositions, hearings, and grand jury from all tape formats: standard, mini, micro as well as four-track; all digital formats, including four-track plus Lanier VoiceWriter and Dictaphone C-Phone. We also have the ability to copy from VHS to DVD to provide a typed transcript.

Tapes may be mailed to our transcriptionist or uploaded via MegaUpload.com, YouSendit

Electronic Delivery of Transcripts in Adobe PDF

Martin Deposition Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that your transcripts can now be delivered, by email or CD, in the world’s most accepted and user- friendly PDF format. Including:

  • Highest quality view and print
  • All popular view and print styles
  • Exhibits attached