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Court Reporting / Room Rental

  1. Where are your deposition suite locations?
  2. How much advance notice must I give to be able to reserve your services for a court reporter and/or room rental?
  3. Is there a cancellation fee?
  4. What are your rates for a court reporter and a suite rental?
  5. How many people can your suites accommodate?
  6. What are your hours of operation?
  7. Do your reporters travel to other locations?
  8. What is your service area?
  9. What is your turnaround time on transcripts?
  10. Do you supply electronic transcripts?
  11. What are your payment options?

Tape Transcripts

  1. Is your agency certified by the court system to produce transcripts from the court CD’s?
  2. What is the procedure for tape transcription?
  3. What is the normal turnaround time for tape transcripts?
  4. Does a transcript go to the court as well?
  5. What are your payment options?

Virtual Office Solutions

  1. What is a virtual office?
  2. What do you offer at your location?
  3. Do I have to rent a conference room for an entire day, week or month?
  4. Can I rent nights and weekends?
  5. Does the room rental fee include use of the videoconference equipment?
  6. Can I make an appointment to tour your rooms?
  7. How do I begin?
  8. Do you take credit cards?

Virtual Business Mailing

  1. What is a virtual mailbox?
  2. What can I expect in terms of receiving my mail?
  3. Can you notify me of mail delivery?
  4. Can I have packages delivered to my virtual mail address and forwarded?
  5. How do I get started with virtual office solutions?
  6. Is there a monthly charge and a forwarding charge for this service?
  7. How will payment be made for the service?
  8. Can I cancel the service at any time?

Court Reporting

We provide highly-skilled, experienced computerized Court Reporters to ensure prompt delivery of an accurate record.

Deposition Suites

Bright, roomy, climate controlled suites with the convenience of a copier, fax, speaker phone for telephonic depositions.

Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing services will save your businesses time and money by giving you access to the world in seconds.

Tape Transcriptions

Providing transcription service for court transcripts, depositions, hearings and grand jury from all tape formats.

Telephonic Deposition

An economical means to conduct a deposition from a distance if it is not necessary to depose the witness face-to-face.

Legal Video

On site and on time deposition video services with state-of-the-art audio guaranteed to meet your specifications.

Meeting Room Rental

From depositions, to business meetings, to meet-ups, our conference rooms are perfect for your next get together.

Virtual Office Solutions

Virtual offices are excellent for home based businesses, or out of the area businesses in need of an upstate, NY address.
"We're excited to announce our new Law Directory. A service in support of the legal community in upstate, NY from Martin Deposition."
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